Why Feldenkrais® work for Back Pain?

In my private practice in Brunswick and Portland Maine, I frequently work with people who have a variety of back, neck, and hip pain issues.  The Feldenkrais Method® offers an empowering perspective and remedy!  PLAIN AND SIMPLE:  we get into habits in the way we move–habits as a result of stress, injury, or emotional trauma. Those habits can be associated with the pain, restriction, or tension you are feeling.  CHANGE THE MOVEMENT PATTERN AND THE DISCOMFORT DISAPPEARS. It’s a revelation to discover how, for example, you may be unconsciously restricting the movement of your pelvis, preventing the gentle, easy rotation that is so important to your back.  And then again, as an example, you may discover how your hips and shoulders work together in a way that opens up new movement and ease in your back.  FREEDOM!  COMFORT!  It’s not magic, but it can feel that way!  And the best thing is that you feel empowered.  I have provided you with an experience and some guidance, but YOU have found a way, through your own internal AWARENESS to change the habit in your life!

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