Client Testimonials

The Feldenkrais Method®

“Marilyn’s work reflects her many years of therapeutic experience and study. As a client, I found she possesses a gentle, yet knowing and effective touch. Her work reaches beyond the barriers of stress and anxiety to help us rediscover our natural patterns of balance and movement.”—Anthony P. Arnold, PhD, author of Rhythm and Touch, The Fundamentals of Craniosacral Therapy

“I appreciate Marilyn’s playful, open, gentle, and creative style of teaching the Feldenkrais Method. She taught me how to use simple yet profound tools that will help me care for myself for the rest of my life.Marilyn is a highly skilled, delightful teacher!”—Carole Tashel, author and herbalist

 “Having broken my back in my twenties, and having tried a wide variety of therapeutic forms of treatment, it is truly thanks to Marilyn and the Feldenkrais Method® that I am able to do trouble-free everything I can do today in my seventies. Marilyn’s work can almost feel like a magician’s sleight-of-hand–the profound neuro-muscular changes appear to happen beneath the radar of the thinking mind, while at the same time being lovingly nurturing to your body. “ —Ann Carroll, PhD, Tai Chi instructor

“Acquiring a working knowledge of Feldenkrais, with Marilyn’s patient guidance, brought into focus the very foundation of how I think and “fit into” my body.  It is a different way of listening to my uniqueness.  I have relearned the exhilaration of awakening to the total harmony I felt in my youth! “ —Janet D. Brand, Brunswick, ME

“In my experience Marilyn’s gentle style and exquisite ability to tune into the structure and function of one’s body  offers opportunity for healing at the deepest physical and emotional levels.  Past traumas and feelings can be liberated and one can experience new levels of ease and freedom.  I highly recommend her work.”—Katherine Mills Myers, M.S.ED.,  Psychotherapist, Pastoral Counselor, Spiritual Director

Life Direction

“This life purpose and callings work with Marilyn opened me to a new level of awe and understanding for all that our bodies and imaginations hold of our heart’s hungers and life truths. As a guide, employing Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement, art, journaling, sharing and informal dialogue, Marilyn quickly established a sense of trust, respect, and even adventure to explore my current directions. Several months have passed since this powerful day, yet I continue to draw insights and energy from the workshop.” –
Sue, Portland, Maine

“I enjoyed the rich variety of tools and processes in this life purpose and callings work. The wide-angled perspective on human and evolutionary nature was foundational in helping me to see myself in a larger context with a larger role. Marilyn’s attentive, creative and inspired energy and intelligence added great depth and richness to my own evolution.“
– Carl, Portland, Maine

“For me, the beauty and benefit of Marilyn’s work was two-fold: first, by integrating my inner world with my outer, I feel more at home in myself, my world, and more present in my life. Secondly, I’ve begun comparing myself to a tool box–full of tools I didn’t know how to use. Now, I begin to pick them up, one by one- knowing what to do- and begin to use them to create the life I want. Marilyn’s vast perspective and guidance encourages this personalized process to unfold.” –Darlene, Brunswick, Maine