Rescheduled: Keys to Aging Comfortably Workshop

The KEYS TO AGING COMFORTABLY WORKSHOP, scheduled for February 24th, has been rescheduled due to snow to Sunday, March 3rd, 1-5pm.  Four spaces have opened up due to the change of dates. The theme for this workshop is MULTI-DIMENSIONALITY.  See prior post for description.

These workshops honor the human capacity to learn at any age, considering the neuroplasticity of the brain.  The Feldenkrais Method® is a gentle and extremely effective way to use the body to reprogram the brain and improve functioning and reduce tension and pain.  What we have considered to be the normal course of aging, functionally speaking, needs to be seriously challenged.  Signs of aging may be more related to just “bad habits” of movement over the years.  These habits can be changed at any age!

Come join us in Portland, ME. for an interesting and valuable afternoon on March 3rd.

Call Marilyn at: 207-449-1081 to register.




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