Deeper Callings

The Mythopoetic

Discover Your Mythopoetic Name
Deeper Callings guides you into mythic and imaginal realms that echo your true name, into the realms where stories are embodied in the landscape and the psyche throughout time. Enter the portal into deeper dimensions of yourself, underneath or beyond social roles and scripts.
A beautiful white peony with golden stamens introduces Marilyn's poem, “Your Mythopoetic Name.”
Your Mythopoetic Name…
carries the seed of
your blossoming.
You belong to something larger,
a story only metaphor, symbol,
and archetype can tell.
There’s an image
at the very heart of life
unfolding you…

– Marilyn Hardy

When I speak of your “mythopoetic identity,” we could also use phrases such as: your soul-rooted destiny, your innate image, your mystical calling, your unique genius, the gift you’re meant to bring to the world, your one true life, your bigger story…the largest conversation you can have with the world…or your ultimate place in the world.

– Bill Plotkin,
The Journey of Soul Initiation

Soul is the part of you which whispers your true name: the story of your incarnation, your personal myth, the poetry of your life narrative and destiny…in other words, your mythopoetic identity.

– Jonathan Gustin
Founder of The Purpose Guides Institute

To live as humans is to have the world of stars circling inside our heads, the surface of the entire earth in our hearts and the vast underworld at our feet. And only after our name has been spelled across all the solar system are we on the edge of becoming those cosmic beings we are meant to be.

– Peter Kingsley,
Book of Life, 2021

Encircled peony image: © Katherine Mills Myers

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