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The thing is to stalk your calling in a certain skilled and supple way, to locate the most tender and live spot and plug into that pulse…

– Annie Dillard


Lights illuminating the dark
Deeper Callings defines purpose as an emanation, an outpouring of one’s true embodied essence into the world, as an integral part of and response to the world’s ever-changing needs.
Deeper Callings’ richly designed, multifaceted Purpose Discovery Programs are embodied, imaginative, and soul-infused. Bold inquiries and innovative processes guide you toward a finer awareness of who you are and why in the world you are here. A deep dive, a venture into the fertile dark, a mythopoetic quest for a vision at the edge of your life and the world.
What time is it in your life, at this time in the world?
A compelling, even unsettling question in these extreme and tumultuous times. It can bring confusion. Self-doubt. Even despair. Yet there is this longing underneath it all—a deep desire to contribute in some way. To be recognized for who you truly are and what is uniquely yours to give. A longing to belong—to a place, a landscape, a particular niche. To be a part of a greater story unfolding—a purpose born of those deeper callings.
Further Dimensions of Deeper Callings…


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Your Purpose Guide: Marilyn Hardy
Marilyn helps you shine a light on your true essence. Wherever you are in the cycles and stages of your life, she will meet you, clarifying and calling forth your unique soul-infused identity and gifts. From her own experience, as well as from guiding others, Marilyn skillfully helps you navigate this unknown and sometimes challenging terrain. As she witnesses and mirrors your journey, portals open into the depths of your own insight and wisdom. She is a trusty anchor, helping you stay rooted en route.
As your Purpose Guide, I am committed to creating a safe and inspiring environment for you to delve into the soulful depths of this revealing and ultimately rewarding process.
– Marilyn Hardy

Marilyn listens carefully, and deftly picks up on small words and subtle gestures, and pinpoints the heart of the matter. Her careful attention is like a polished magic mirror, held up so I can see my soul clearly reflected.

– Rev. Circe Moss MacDonald


Is Deeper Callings
for You?

Warm lights illuminating the dark
Deeper Callings is for those asking burning questions—you curious ones, delving below the surface of things, pushing against the status quo. You may be in midlife, or well into senior years…you’ve been dedicated to personal healing and have a spiritual, soul-searching orientation to life.
With your deepening concern for the social, ecological, and spiritual crises of our time, you’re questioning humanity’s role…and your own.
Are you…
  • on the threshold of a new, undefined phase of your life?
  • feeling unsettled, discontented, unfulfilled in a current profession or role?
  • curious about deeper dimensions of soul-level excavation and the underworld journey?
  • seeking to challenge yourself at your growing edge?

Or perhaps you’re…

  • despairing about the ecological and spiritual crisis of our time?
  • desiring to be of greater service to the world, but unclear how, where, and what that could mean?
  • at a creative edge of a gestating project, or wanting to be?
  • seeking connection with like-minded people on a soul journey?
Deeper Callings calls those who see life as an adventure—one which is ever beckoning, changing, and demanding that you rise, again…and again. You have a bit of wildness in you, finding comfort, kin, and great wisdom in the natural world. You are drawn to the paths less-followed, those leading ofttimes through a dark wood…and calling forth courage and imagination.
Our Real Work

It may be that when we no longer know what to do
we have come to our real work,
and that when we no longer know which way to go
we have come to our real journey.
The mind that is not baffled is not employed.
The impeded stream is the one that sings.

– Wendell Berry


Encircled light image above: © Charli Griffin

What You’ll

Lights illuminating the dark
A Deeper Callings Purpose Discovery Program engages your sensing body, your intellect, your heart and imagination in diverse and intriguing ways. It opens a wide lens on your life, shedding light on your vision, your values, your powers and gifts. And the parts of you, hidden in the shadows, that long to be revealed.
The circles of Deeper Callings Components below highlight core aspects of the 12 rich PGI Modules you will be guided through. They also reflect Marilyn’s unique contribution to the program from her Somatic Education background and prior Callings work.
Explore the components:

The Imaginal World

A wide range of exercises and guided meditative processes that open the senses and heart to the myriad ways soul communicates: voices, images, sensations/emotions, animal allies…

Excursions Into Nature

Seek guidance, inspiration, and cultivation of the capacity to feel the pulse of soul in the more-than human world.

Insightful, Empowering,
Self-defining Practices

Identify your vision and values, essence, core powers and gifts. Recognize default purposes, limiting beliefs, resistances and sub-personalities that keep you protected or blocked from a deeper embrace of your purest identity and purpose. Gain access to soul wisdom.

Somatic and
Mythosomatic Explorations

Somatic processes, utilizing the Feldenkrais Method linked with archetypal and mythic themes, serve to increase awareness and expand self-image through deep sensory exploration.

Teachings and Readings

Conceptualize and embrace a soul-centered worldview foundational to your journey. Required reading, SoulCraft by Bill Plotkin, provides one beautiful context for this exploration.

The Soul Quest Weekend

Deepen your soul inquiry on this weekend retreat (8 hours of that time spent in the natural world) Deeper Callings has been carefully preparing you for.

Evolutionary Perspective

Viewing the evolution of your life in the context of the larger unfolding universe story helps open your imagination and expand or clarify your place and purpose.

Earth, Sun, other planets
Deeper Callings…Deeper Meaning

We have a choice: to live in a world devoid of meaning, where things happen through a random, even careless throw of the dice; where we are tossed around with callous abandon, or cast adrift, sometimes unmercifully, at the whim of indifferent forces outside and beyond us.

Or…we can live in a world of meaning, where everything, every event, if we look and live into it with a quality of receptivity, humility, curiosity, and courage, will ultimately reveal an exquisite underlying order and purpose; where even in the depths of the darkest night there is the call to enter and engage with life, a divine beckoning to participate whole-heartedly, or broken-heartedly, in a co-creative dance, a magic show, an ever-unfolding, outrageous and unfathomable mystery.

I chose the latter.

– Marilyn Hardy


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Current Program | SoulBone Standing:
Toward True Alignment with Life Purpose

Deeper Callings: SoulBone Standing
SoulBone Standing is a deep embodied and ensouled Program, designed to tap into the rich marrow of your Life Purpose. It is a six-month intensive process offered in a supportive group format, or custom-designed to meet your individual needs. You uncover your SoulBone Stand, via 12 Portals, a rich blend of provocative readings, evocative exercises, and integrative body/psyche processes.
Your SoulBone Stand is your footprint, your unique expression in life, declaring what you most value and align with, what you long for in the secret chambers of your heart. Your Stand has Backbone. Dignity. Integrity. Ultimately, your SoulBone Stand is your raison d’etre, your ever-evolving soul-infused reason for being here, your key to a life of meaning and Purpose.
Are you hearing a call…? Please read all of the details in the PDF linked below and contact Marilyn for a free consultation if you are interested in this new offering!
Keep reading—below, others share their experiences doing deep work with Marilyn…


More Testimonials…

Marilyn is such an extraordinary guide! Her unwavering welcoming of whatever was happening—resistances, frustrations, and “stucknesses,” as well new insights and opening doors—surprised me every time, and always left me feeling better able to be interested in the fullness of my own experience. Over and over again she was able to help me see whatever I was struggling with in a more generous and inclusive light—which every time helped me to feel that I could move ahead, try something different, notice and accept more. She is so attentive and generous and professional. She is so open hearted and alive and interested in the world. I learned so much from her!

– Meghan Reedy

When I had the inner urging to undertake the Program under the ever-insightful guidance of Marilyn, I was already 82 with half a century of meditation under my belt and several large visionary projects completed. I was ALMOST sure—but not quite—that any purpose this lifetime might have been intended for, had been fulfilled. Certainly, I was not about to undertake one of those great purpose-full projects of younger years that took such strength, such ambition, such energy.

But we began, Marilyn leading me gently like a horse definitely not yet put out to pasture. Her total faith in my becoming truly an Elder, carrying the fruitful wisdom of a long life, never wavered. And she held me with loving kindness firmly to that end…that purpose…to what I might call the Taoist vision of longevity’s wisdom. She led me with tenacity, love and clarity, holding me to the profundity of my soul rather than the perspicacity of my intellect, using the tools of PGI to fine hone my evolving understanding of “purpose.” I kept discovering not “purpose” in the way of younger years, but “purpose” as depth upon depth within and often “within the beyond” of fulfilled goals. They were often much more fulfilling and meaningful at a time in life when those old ambitious goals, to tell the truth, can easily no longer feel so meaningful or important.

Aging is truly a tricky passage. Always aware of how tricky the adolescent ego, at any age can be, Marilyn’s insight and perseverance, her dedication to the evolutionary potential of deep soul work, brought me a radically unforeseen vision of some of the meaningful riches of a long life that never gives up unfolding the ever-changing vistas of infinite soulful awareness.

– Ann Carroll

Marilyn Hardy is a wise and patient guide. She has a knowing twinkle in her eye as she challenges my habitual ways of thinking, and opens up paths to the Mythic. She taught me to reframe my worldview to include Soul, value art and imagination to nurture Soul, and to play every day in the fields of Soul.

Marilyn guided me into a more self-aware, self-loving state of being. I’ve struggled with self-esteem issues my whole life, and Marilyn’s patient guidance has taught me to acknowledge the small inner critic voice, embrace the emotional ups and downs, and to continually return to and remember my greater soul purpose.

Marilyn listens carefully, and deftly picks up on small words and subtle gestures, and pinpoints the heart of the matter. She loves words and wordplay; she has a broad knowledge of books, authors, and teachers and can recall just the right paraphrase to elaborate on a point she’s making. Marilyn’s careful attention is like a polished magic mirror, held up so I can see my soul clearly reflected.

– Rev. Circe Moss MacDonald

…from previous iteration of Callings work…

This life purpose and callings work with Marilyn opened me to a new level of awe and understanding for all that our bodies and imaginations hold of our heart’s hungers and life truths. As a guide, employing Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement, art, journaling, sharing and informal dialogue, Marilyn quickly established a sense of trust, respect, and even adventure to explore my current directions. Several months have passed since this powerful day, yet I continue to draw insights and energy from the workshop.

– Sue, Portland, Maine

I enjoyed the rich variety of tools and processes in this life purpose and callings work. The wide-angled perspective on human and evolutionary nature was foundational in helping me to see myself in a larger context with a larger role. Marilyn’s attentive, creative and inspired energy and intelligence added great depth and richness to my own evolution.

– Carl, Portland, Maine

For me, the beauty and benefit of Marilyn’s work was two-fold: first, by integrating my inner world with my outer, I feel more at home in myself, my world, and more present in my life. Secondly, I’ve begun comparing myself to a tool box–full of tools I didn’t know how to use. Now, I begin to pick them up, one by one–knowing what to do–and begin to use them to create the life I want. Marilyn’s vast perspective and guidance encourages this personalized process to unfold.

– Darlene, Brunswick, Maine

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