Life Direction

Following the Sun: An Embodied Inquiry into Life Purpose and Callings

Do You…

  • seek a greater sense of purpose, meaning, and direction in your life?
  • have an unrealized dream or vision, however vague or bold?
  • feel discontent or alienation related to work, relationship, creative expression, or place in the world?
  • have concern about the ecological/spiritual crises of our time, and want to respond or contribute in some way?

Following the Sun is a unique body and soul-directed process I have developed.  It was inspired by a Calling I followed to the Southwest, which was my home for 6 years and changed the course of my life. It represents a 35-year journey of self discovery, healing, and inquiry into the interface of body, mind, soul, earth, and cosmos. I am now offering this life direction process in Harpswell, ME. I am whole-heartedly dedicated to a quest, for myself and others, that honors the sometimes vague, yet insistent force within—the deep yearning and hunger for the fullness of life we are born to live.

Sometimes you just have to follow a fascination. There is no choice. For something deep within has been aroused. Like a great beast sleeping by an inner fire, it awakens, hungry and demanding. It will not be ignored or easily appeased; it turns away from logic and reason. For the beast is this precious and ferocious force within, insisting you rise with passion and courage, to the very fullness of your life.”–Marilyn Hardy

 Are You Following Your Star?

Following the Sun:
An Embodied Inquiry Into Life Purpose & Callings

The Context: An invitation to the interface

Following the Sun honors our interconnectedness with all life, our place and our responsibility in an evolving universe at this time of planetary breakdown and transformation. Our lives, our stories, and our dreams are all woven into the vast web of life; we are a part of a much larger ever-unfolding story. Who we are and what we do has effect on the whole. At this dynamic interface of self and world I invite you to contemplate the question: how can my longings, dreams, and my unique gifts best align with the needs and dreams of the world?It’s an exciting and vital question on the quest for meaning and purpose in our lives.

The Components

Your specific needs, desires, and preferences will determine the components we draw upon to facilitate your inquiry. During your free initial consultation, we will carefully explore what would be the most valuable and energizing approach for you, including the following: Click headings below for more information.

Body-Soul Inquiry

Our Soul speaks to us through our body; it’s a question of learning to listen.  I deeply honor the wisdom of the bodymind. based on my 30-year experience with the Feldenkrais Method® and other bodymind modalities. These processes lend themselves to a respectful, interesting and revealing inner inquiry and “image quest”. What messages or guidance do your symptoms have to offer? How are out-dated attitudes, mindsets, or resistance to change evidenced in your posture, muscular habits and holding patterns?

Hands-On Table Work

I utilize gentle touch, passive movement and guided imagery, helping you relax into a deeper level of stillness and awareness. As you experience more “neutrality” in your nervous system, you become more receptive, more available to information below the level of your personal and social conditioning. Images may appear, you may hear an inner voice or have an intuition.You’ll have clearer access to your imagination, the yearnings in your heart and the feelings in your “bones”.

Core/Coeur Questions

What are the salient, pithy questions about your life that are important to ask at this time? What questions can reach in and touch the heart and soul of your life, and perhaps, in the very asking, hold vital clues to clarifying your life direction.It’s such a fascinating process to find the right questions, and to discover at least a partial answer embedded in them!

River of Gold

Discovering the golden threads, sometimes hidden, that have woven through your life, may help make sense of unusual propensities or hold the keys to how your life is wanting to unfold. In my own life, when I uncovered the Golden River, all the seemingly disparate events and fascinations in my life became infused with new meaning and affirmed the course I was on.

The Mandala

The mandala, from the ancient Sanskrit definition meaning circle, is a core symbol for Following the Sun. The Mandala is the primal pattern of life, a template, a symbol of creation.The Mandala has been used across cultures and religions, especially in times of personal crises or disintegration. It provides a sense of wholeness, containment and peace—of order amidst chaos. Turning to the Mandala is an attempt to embrace your wholeness, to be drawn into the center of your identity. The Mandala Council is an extremely valuable and empowering process that calls forth an imaginative “council” to work with you. You will discover a variety of creative ways of working with this council that you will be able to continually draw upon in your life. A very powerful resource for you!

Nature Quest

The setting for Following the Sun in Harpswell, a lovely coastal environment, lends itself beautifully to drawing upon the natural world in your inquiry. In roaming the tidal waterway, along both grassy and woodland terrain, you invite serendipity and synchronicity, surprising and illuminating encounters with the sentient world. You may find a bit of magic here!

Articulations: The Ground You Stand On

Here is an opportunity to find your ground through the embodied word, words that come from the heart, not the head. What IS your stand in life, your commitment? What is the language of your heart and soul?


  • Introductory Session: One hour: Free
  • Individual sessions: 2 hours: sliding scale: $50-$80/ per hour. Number of sessions determined on an individual basis.
  • Individual half day and full intensives are possible
  • Workshops: To be announced

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