Life Direction, Purpose, Callings

How do you identify a “real” Calling, an action or direction in life that is an expression of the heart and soul of who you really are?

It’s not the voice coming from your “head” that always knows.  It seems to have ideas that are more aligned with what you “should” do or what the culture dictates as acceptable and appropriate.

There’s a deeper voice, if we know how to listen.  Sometimes it is heard when we are very still.  It can come through the bodymind, from the deep unconscious recesses of our being.  It speaks in images sometimes, in sensations, in symptoms.  It also speaks through synchronicities, surprising “coincidences” where our inner world and outer world magically collide and we “know” we are on course.

In my Following the Sun work in Southern and Midcoast Maine, I love working with people making a soulful inquiry into life purpose and direction.  The Following the Sun process offers many gentle and respectful ways to access this deeper knowledge within.


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