Life Direction and Purpose

The New Year brings us face to face with ourselves–our intentions, our resolutions.  It gives us a fresh opportunity to evaluate the direction of our life–to feel into what is truly calling us.  Sometimes callings are clear and bold.  Other times they are subtle or hidden–we know something is up, for we feel a sense of unrest, boredom, agitation—maybe even crisis!

We know that unrest and crisis can precede a major shift or transformation.  We only have to look to nature and to our long evolutionary story to see that is the case. We are a part of nature and thus subject to the same forces of change.

In my Following the Sun work in Southern Maine I love working with people at the edge of the new. Now, more than ever, as we live on a planet in ecological and spiritual crisis, it is important that we each listen deeply to the voices and forces of change and transformation within us.

What is being called up in you at this time in your life at this time in the world?




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