Aging, the Brain and Movement

The process of maturing is a very subtle one, for the simple reason that we are both the molding material and steadily becoming our own molders.”  Moshe Feldenkrais, The Potent Self
It has been fully substantiated now that the brain can learn and change at any age (NEUROPLASTICITY)!  Moshe Feldenkrais fully understood this over 50 years ago and through his genius developed a way to speak to the brain in the fundamental language it understands:  MOVEMENT.  Not random movement or rote exercise, but through simple, systematic sequences of novel and intriguing movements done gently with awareness.  The novelty is what draws the brain’s attention and gets the synapses firing in new ways, enhancing and expanding brain activity.
In this workshop we will celebrate our capacity to keep our brain and bodymind stimulated and agile, well balanced and integrated.  We are choosing 4 movement lessons that best represent this unique cornerstone of the Feldenkrais Method. Your brain will love it, and in turn send new information to your bodymind that improves your quality of movement and the quality of your life.  Plus… it’s fun, relaxing, challenging and creative.  Please join us.  Space is limited so sign up early!
When:  Sunday, April 28, 1-4pm, Portland, Me.
Where:  222 St John St.
Cost:  $85.00
Call to register:  207-449-1081

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