Aging, Movement Patterns, and Posture

We are creatures of habit.  As we age, if our everyday habits of movement are not aligned with nature’s design, we can begin to experience limitation and discomfort.  This is our body’s way of getting our attention and calling us to do something different.   The Feldenkrais Method® is a wonderful, even enjoyable way to change habits and refine the way we move in everyday life.  Indeed, that which appears to be the accepted limitation of an aging process can be reversed or improved by a simple sensory re-learning process.  YOU CAN CONTINUE TO IMPROVE AS YOU AGE!  And as you improve your habits of movement, your overall posture begins to improve.  Your posture simply reflects your patterns of movement!

Join us in Portland, Maine, on January 20th, 1-5pm, for a workshop designed to address the keys to AGING COMFORTABLY.  Write for more information and registration:


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