AGING COMFORTABLY–New Feldenkrais® Workshop

AGING COMFORTABLY, Taught by Marilyn Hardy and Jane Burdick, Jan. 20th, 2013…1-5pm

No matter what condition you’re in, you can improve until the day you die.  Moshe Feldenkrais said that and then gave the world the means to actually enter that process.  Marilyn and Jane have over 50 years of experience between them on this path of learning ease and comfort through attuning to movement itself.

You’ll leave this afternoon knowing 4 unusual movement sequences designed to engage the brain for particular changes in your balance, coordination, centering, grounding, and comfort.  Most of these sequences are done lying down and anyone can do them.  Please join us!

WHEN:  Sunday, Jan. 20th, 2013…1-5pm

WHERE:  222 St. John St., suite 240, Portland, Maine

COST: $85.00  (send check to Jane Burdick, 50 Gray St, Portland, ME  04102)


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