About Marilyn Hardy

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Marilyn Hardy

I’ve always been drawn to teachers who are pioneers in their fields, people who challenge the current thinking and offer fresh, bold perspectives.

I am grateful to the many creative individuals who have shaped and supported my work and my life.

My Teachers

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’ revolutionary ideas changed my body and my life, catapulting me into a world where the false separations of body and mind, matter and spirit fell away. I trained with him and have been a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner since l983. His thinking and methodology are foundational to all aspects of my work.

Ruthy Alon, with her unique and eloquent style as a Feldenkrais teacher, awakened in me the sensuality and poetry of movement– bringing my feet to life on the earth, and the earth to life under my feet.

Years of study with Albert and Diane Pesso, founders of Psychomotor Therapy, taught me about “moving” emotion and how to reconstruct life stories as they came alive through my body, through my soul.

Linda Metcalf and Toby Simon honed my capacity to express emotion and story, connecting head with heart through their great contribution, Proprioceptive Writing.

Gisela Rohmert, of the Lichtenberg Institute in Germany engages the sensory-motor imagination and taught me about freeing my natural voice. Through her collaboration with a practitioner influenced by FM Alexander and Marjory Barstow–Julia Balter,  their inspired work with sound, thought, and movement helped me experience my body as fine vibration, as an energy field within greater energy fields around me.

Interest in the larger interconnecting energies and systems has taken me to the study of ecopsychology, to the dynamic work of social artist, Jean Houston, to the cosmological, evolutionary perspectives of Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry.  Swimme and Berry, indeed, awakened a sense of wonder within me, gave me a perspective on the evolving universe story that forever altered the way I perceive myself and my place in the world.

There are so many dynamic psychologists, scientists, authors, visionaries and spiritual teachers at this vibrant edge of self and world that have, and continue to enrich my life and feed my soul and spirit:  From the great body of work of Carl Jung, to the unique depth psychology of Robert Sardello;  from the richly poetic, earth-centered writings of David Abram and Terry Tempest Williams, to the multilayered earth-energy-mystical work of Peter Dawkins and Gregg Braden;  Barbara Marx Hubbard’s inspiring perspective on conscious evolution; the philosophically transformative scholarship of Peter Kingsley;  and the deeply enlightened, spiritually nourishing teaching of Eckhart Tolle and Adyashanti.  These are just to name a few!

My life and work are about these ongoing explorations– glimpses from ever-widening perspectives into the wholeness that we are.

Latest Developments

After developing Callings work in 2002, and following my call to the Southwest for six years, I realized a dream to embark on a film project.  A work-in-progress, the film, Song of the Sun is a chorus of voices that represent the new consciousness of “interconnectedness” arising in the human psyche at this critical time on our planet. Please visit the film website for more information: http://www.songofthesun-film.com

Back in Maine now, the latest dimension of my work, inspired by my time in the southwest and the film project, is Following the Sun. It draws from all of the above threads to make an embodied, heart-and-world-centered inquiry into life direction and purpose, callings and voice.