Marilyn Hardy, M.S.: Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner, 1983; Certified Purpose Guide™, 2021

Marilyn Hardy, M.S.

Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner 1983
Certified Purpose Guide™ 2021

I’ve always pondered this question of Life Purpose as my interests and synchronistic events through the past four decades have offered opportunities to engage in compelling areas of study with a wide range of creative and revolutionary teachers. My path has been an embodied and integrative one, one that has led me through deep personal healing and to an ever-evolving understanding regarding the wholeness of life: the body as an integrated moving, sensing, thinking, feeling organism; the body as a vehicle into the deep unconscious: personal, collective, ecological, and cosmological; the embodiment of soul, of spirit.

An Unfolding

After completing a Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling in 1976, the blossoming field of bodymind modalities called to me. I gravitated to The Feldenkrais Method®, which I studied directly with Moshe Feldenkrais starting in 1980, and also to Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Albert and Diane Pesso’s brilliant Psychomotor work that would infuse my life with a deep-embodied understanding of soul. I felt I was truly coming home to myself as those complementary modalities, as well as many others through the years, worked their magic within me.

To name a few: the Feldenkrais perspective of Ruthy Alon, Voice and Movement work with Gisela Rohmert and Julia Balter, Proprioceptive Writing® with Linda Metcalf and Toby Simon, SourcePoint Therapy® with Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei, Jungian Depth Psychology with many wonderful teachers, the deep and provocative work of David Abram and Peter Kingsley, the deep-rooted spiritual teaching of Adyashanti…I couId go on and on.

They all have given me access to the rich inner sensory realm, the realm of Psyche and Soma, an internal universe of experience and possibility. They all served to inform and enlarge my perspective of body and soul, and eventually inspire my interest and study of Ecopsychology—how our embodied existence is inextricably linked with the sentient body of the earth—and consequently how our personal ills interface with those of the living earth.

With the ecological/spiritual crises of our time, I have felt the urgency of this call to this dynamic interface of self and world.

A Turning Point

My Ecopsychological perspective was expanded and enriched by the work of Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry via their profound biospiritual rendering of The Universe Story. The impact of their perspective regarding our place and role in this greater story literally changed the course of my life. It led to a powerful archetypal encounter that awakened something at my very core; out of that encounter came an image that to this day is an inspiration and guide for me. Indeed, the soul speaks to us through images, and you never know how and when one will show up in your life. The image proceeded to illuminate a life pattern—a Golden Thread—woven through my life and finally connecting the seemingly disparate dots. The unfolding course and meaning of my whole life suddenly made sense!

This awareness inspired me to develop a body of work in 2002 entitled Callings. Perhaps we all have a Golden Thread that is just below the surface of our awareness, holding keys to our destiny. Callings embedded the question of life direction and purpose into the larger context of the evolving Universe Story which has so impacted my own life. This work ultimately led to my own powerful calling in 2004: I left my long-time home in Maine to venture for six years into the high desert of the Southwest.

This was the beginning of a phase of my journey involving a soul task, a project that continues to unfold in my life today, long after coming full-circle back to Maine in 2010.

A Deeper Calling

This past decade in Maine has been a time of great deepening and integration, involving a long and challenging time in the underworld, and deep inquiry into the next phase of my life and work.

Depth Psychology, coupled with my somatic and spiritual practices, has helped me to move through this critical time.

During Covid and the interruption of my professional life, I had the opportunity and deep calling to enter an intensive year-long Purpose Guides™ Training Program. This impressive, highly experiential and challenging Program has taken me ever deeper into the powerful soul-journey underworld of purpose discovery. It has expanded my perspective about working with people who share these deep, burning questions about who they are and why they are here.

Certified now as a Purpose Guide, I have entitled this new incarnation of my Callings work The Deeper Callings Purpose Discovery Program.

At the same time, I continue to offer online classes and in-person individual lessons in Deep Embodiment via The Feldenkrais Method, as I have been doing since 1983.

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