Hello. Thank you for visiting my Web site.

It is through a process of “embodiment” that we come to know ourselves; we discover our unique capacities and gifts, our voice, our expressive potentials. 

My work is grounded in self AWARENESS and the integration of movement, thinking, feeling and sensing.

mandalaI am dedicated to processes that expand human/earth consciousness, promote body/earth sustainability, and clarify our place within the larger web of life.

I am back in Maine now, after 6 years in Santa Fe, NM. I have a private practice in The Feldenkrais Method® in Harpswell and Portland.

In 2002 I developed work entitled Callings. After following a call myself, to the Southwest, I am excited to offer a new incarnation of this work, entitled Following the Sun, inspired by my journey and my ever-deepening inquiry into soul, life purpose, and our intimate kinship with all life.