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Aging, Movement Patterns, and Posture

We are creatures of habit.  As we age, if our everyday habits of movement are not aligned with nature’s design, we can begin to experience limitation and discomfort.  This is our body’s way of getting our attention and calling us to do something different.   The Feldenkrais Method® is a wonderful, even enjoyable way to… Continue Reading

Life Direction and Purpose

The New Year brings us face to face with ourselves–our intentions, our resolutions.  It gives us a fresh opportunity to evaluate the direction of our life–to feel into what is truly calling us.  Sometimes callings are clear and bold.  Other times they are subtle or hidden–we know something is up, for we feel a sense of… Continue Reading

Why Feldenkrais® work for Back Pain?

In my private practice in Brunswick and Portland Maine, I frequently work with people who have a variety of back, neck, and hip pain issues.  The Feldenkrais Method® offers an empowering perspective and remedy!  PLAIN AND SIMPLE:  we get into habits in the way we move–habits as a result of stress, injury, or emotional trauma.… Continue Reading

What’s Going to Happen to the Tides?

What’s going to happen to the tides? I asked this question twenty years ago in a dream, where I witnessed the disturbing sight of the moon cracking and burning up–disappearing from its dependable place in the night sky. Our moon, our one natural satellite, has a great gravitational pull on the earth. At predictable times each day the large swells of water summoned up by this force create the rhythmical cycle of high and low tides. The wonder of this undulating rhythm is mirrored in our bodies, our emotions. Continue Reading

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